Mx240 Printer and Thermal ID Technologies


Headquartered in San Diego, California, Accriva Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer of cardiovascular point-of-care diagnostics used in cardiac catheterization labs, operating rooms, and critical care units in hospitals world-wide. With specific expertise in diagnostics for measuring patient response to coagulation therapy and anti-platelet drugs, Accriva develops and manufactures all of the instrumentation, reagents and consumables required for these test systems.


One of their flagship brands is Hemochron, an anticoagulation monitoring system that supports different tests which measure the time that it takes for a patient’s blood to clot. In addition to the patient coagulation results, detailed information such as the specific test type, lot number, and expiration date must be included in the reports generated for healthcare professionals.

The challenge for Accriva in the development of their next-generation system was to find a way to store information on a small barcode label layout placed on the test cuvettes. The intended benefit was to eliminate the need for manual barcode scanning and verification by test operators.


Accriva wanted an efficient solution to convey and print variable data, with high tolerances, directly onto the labels. Accriva developed a proprietary barcode layout, where each label batch would be unique, defining specific assay and lot. Accriva's next step was to find a printer system capable of printing within the small label dimensions, yet durable enough to eliminate ink smudging. They worked with one of TSC's resellers Thermal iD Technologies, Inc., a company that provides labels, inks and printers for the medical industry. The company assisted by a vision integrator Cyth systems, developed a stand-alone camera system, attached to the MX240, to verify print quality and readability.


Thermal iD Technologies, Inc., based in Anaheim, CA, recommended TSC's MX240 for their printing solution. They helped to develop the printing, special rewind process and label path for accurate verification. They customized a special ribbon size and formulated the premium ribbon to work with the printing process. Due to speed and tolerances, the torque and ribbon must be specifically adjusted and setup according to customer's specs. Thermal iD Technologies, Inc. provided these services and products. Accriva’s R&D Engineer, Merin Johny, working in collaboration with TSC's Application Engineer, developed a testing process with the MX240 at Accriva's facility in San Diego.


The combination of TSC's MX240, Accriva's unique labels and variable barcode setups, and Thermal ID's printing and labeling knowledge, a flawless workflow helps produce a crisp, clear label.


"We are more than satisfied with TSC's and Thermal iD's support and services. The MX240 printer is a superior printer compared to the competition that we've tested" said Ron Boyd, Director of Engineering.


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